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The dangers of using online help forums

February 9, 2015 by News No Comments

There are quite literally hundreds of advice boards about migration on the internet.  The questions raised are usually answered by people who are also trying to lodge, or have previously lodged, their visa application themselves.

The danger with following the advice given on these boards is that it is not written in relation to your own unique situation.  It is usually based on the advice givers own unique experience, or sometimes what their friend or work colleague told them!

For your visa application to be successful, you must get the right advice from an Immigration Expert that is tailored to meet your own unique situation and needs.

In Australia, the only people who are legally allowed to give advice and assistance in immigration matters are Registered Migration Agents.  To become registered, a Migration Agent must undergo extensive university study and sit numerous exams.

Immigration law is very complex and is always changing, therefore to maintain their registration a Registered Migration Agent must complete ongoing training every year.  This is vital as a quick look at many of the visas available just a few years ago will show there are significant differences now.

At Australian Migration Advice your questions will always be answered by a Registered Migration Agent.  Our advice is based on current Australian immigration law and practice.  When you are ask us a question we will scrutinize the relevant legislation and policies to give you the right advice for your unique situation and background.

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